Top 7 Best Sledge Hammer in 2021 for Your Project

Hammers, more especially sledgehammers, are among the most versatile tools. They are widely used in building; for instance, the sledgehammers used to drive stakes into the railroad. However, these tools are equally used in demolition. In fact, sledgehammers are the most suitable tools for the demolition of walls made of bricks. Nowadays, sledgehammers, when combined … Read more

Top 10 Best Dead Blow Hammer in 2021

Best Dead Blow Hammer

You probably did not know that a dead blow hammer is ideal if you don’t want to damage a soft working surface. The main reason is, it absorbs the impact caused by the force applied while striking on the surface. It has a steel shot-packed head and a smooth face to control the impact while … Read more

Removing Tile With Air Hammer – Good or Bad

Removing Tile With Air Hammer

Sometimes it can be very challenging, removing tiles from your floor. And that’s why you need to have the right tools, the required free time, and the patience to have your job done as soon as possible. Specifically, if you have to deal with ceramic tiles that are held tight in place with a cement-like … Read more

Air Hammer VS Rivet Gun – The Role and Functional Differences

Air Hammer VS Rivet Gun

Air Hammer Let’s start this off by writing some details about air hammers, how this tool works, and how it can be helpful for us. So air hammer, we can call it an air chisel, which is basically a pneumatic tool, and we mostly use it to cut stone or break/cut metal things. And it … Read more

Top 6 Best Air Hammer of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Air Hammer

Are you tired of getting access to suitable air hammers to ease your work? Worry not because there is the best air hammer in the market. Though they may have similar models and shapes, they are specially designed with unique capabilities and fascinating features that provide a variety for the users and craftsmen. Their versatility … Read more

Top 6 Best Ball Peen Hammer Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

A ball pein or ball-peen hammer is a tool used for shaping metal surfaces and riveting work. Like a regular hammer, a ball-peen hammer has fiberglass or wooden handles with a rubber grip for additional control and comfort. One head of this hammer is round, while the other is circular and flat. What differentiates most … Read more