Top 6 Best Air Hammer of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you tired of getting access to suitable air hammers to ease your work? Worry not because there is the best air hammer in the market.

Though they may have similar models and shapes, they are specially designed with unique capabilities and fascinating features that provide a variety for the users and craftsmen. Their versatility is what makes them more reliable to users worldwide.

Air hammers are also referred to as air chisels, and they do a plethora of tasks such as grounding metals, resizing metals, and shaping stones.

These air hammers can also be useful in other areas, especially when combined with different tools. They can also help in repairing some parts and areas in a homestead and also mending some gadgets.

These hammers are good and, most importantly, crucial in any homestead due to their usability. This is the very reason why many reviews recommend to users to embrace and find it necessary to own an air hammer.

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Best Air Hammer

Best Air Hammer 2021

Ingersoll Rand 114GQC – Best Ingersoll Air Hammer

Average Air Consumption: 4 CFM | Air Inlet: 1/4″ | Blows per Minute: 3500 | Bore Diameter: 0.75″ | Chisel Shank Diameter: 0.401″ | Shank Opening: Round | Air Consumption @ Load: 20 CFM | Tool Weight: 4.1 lbs

Large construction companies may want to work efficiently in executing their works. For this reason, they must consider a highly powered hammer to use, especially in cutting heavy metals into small pieces. 

Ingersoll Rand 114GQC features a 3500 BPM stroke rate, and it is swift when it comes to material disconnection. It is very accurate, designed in 3 piece sets, and highly insulated to make it last longer.

The most highly regarded and rated hammer is Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114QC because of its affordability and the capability of handling several tasks ranging from simple to abstract. It is also well insulated to prolong its good condition. It is faster compared to other hammers and can be used without using much effort from the users. This feature makes it to be outstanding.


  • Easy to use
  • Users can control the speed
  • It is durable
  • Capable of reducing metals to desired sizes
  • Can easily diffuse various exhaust machines
  • It is affordable
  • Readily available


  • Has poor chips
  • It is unable to absorb several vibrations
  • It is expensive


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Astro 4980 – Best Pneumatic Air Hammer

Air Inlet: 1/4″ | Blows per Minute: 1800 BPM | Bore Diameter: 3/4″ | Stroke: 2-11/16″ | Tool Weight: 4.8 lbs | Contents: Spring Retainer

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980 is a commercial duty air hammer. Though it has a lesser power level than other air hammers, it is the thesaurus of dealing with heavy-duty jobs like truck springs. It also displays high performance when chipping, hammering, drilling, and cutting.

This hammer is a lasting tool that will defeat its competitors. It comes at a very high price, which implicates that it has more to give and very easy to handle. It utilizes heavy-duty 0.498 Shanks, has a thesaurus-lasting Alloyed Steel Barrel, and features a spring retainer for easy change of bits. The 1800 RPM and the two 11/16 stroke is impressive.

If you work in a commercial environment, you must make out with trucks and fifth wheels. This air hammer could be what you are looking for. It makes use of 0.498 shanks and a lot of air volume, but then there’s no substance it can not get through.

We were put to wait for like a month before receiving this device as transportation is relatively slow. But once I had my hands on it, I could tell it’s a beast. We used it on quite a several jobs, including removing suspension bolts in trucks as well as taking out bolt joints.

If you have worked on a truck before, it can be a painful process when using a hammer and chisel unless you have some real power, you are going to spend an afternoon cursing.

We had been lining up this air hammer for some tough jobs, which took us about two hours shaking off suspension bolts. With 1800 blows per minute, it was unbelievable how much work it got done in such a short time.


  • It’s suitable for heavy work
  • It is built for the most rigid truck servicing jobs
  • Offers even for temporary bolts removal
  • Long-lasting design; unchanging highest power


  • Resonates a lot
  • It does not have a case



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Chicago Pneumatic CP7150K

Chisel shank opening: 0.401″ | Air Inlet Size: 1/2″ | Bore diameter: 3/4″ | Average Air Consumption: 4.5 CFM | Piston stroke length: 3 1/2″ | Hose size: 3/8″ | Blows per minute: 2100 BPM

Packaged with five chisels and a hardy storage case, the Chicago Pneumatic CP7150K (around $81) gives a high value for the cost. It contains a long barrel that makes it simpler to get into compact spots and is strong enough to plug away at solid, tangible.

This is a profitable air hammer that s has got a recognized Excellency round shank. This brings the “easy change retainer” that allows you to replace the accessories very fast. It is a long-lasting and robust commodity and has a quality weight to power ratio.

This is fit for heavy work applications and can sustain rough usage—this ability is to reduce ferrous metals and is a very uncomplicated auxiliary. The commodity comes from a very reliable brand, and it is also comfortable to hold.


  • Internal exhaust to reduce noise
  • Good power to weight ratio
  • Spring bit retainer


  • It is expensive
  • Not user friendly
  • Not compatible with different chisels


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Ingersoll Rand Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

Blows per Minute: 2530 BPM | Bore Diameter: 3/4″ | Stroke Length: 3.5″ | Min. Hose Size: 3/8″ | Air Consumption @ Load: 23.8 CFM | Air Inlet NPTF: 1/4″ | Tool Weight: 4.5 lbs

This is a highly comfortable air hammer, and it has anti-resonate characteristics because of the vibration an air hammer produces, which lowers nearly to half. Besides, the power it generates is more than that of any standard air hammer.

Again, the quick-change retainer enables faster changeover, and you can get the task done speedily. There are different things available in the package, such as an air hammer, change retainer, 5-piece chisel set, and the carrying case. 

The enclosure is made of a 3-material combination: heavy plastic for the handle, aluminum for the cask lid, and hard steel for the cask itself. The handle is user-friendly designed, and it has an anti-resonate characteristic, making the controlling of the air hammer easier.

This unit’s total power can apply a clock somewhere around 2500 BPM, making it a moderate duty air hammer with an ultra-tight design. The model comes with a practical quick-change retainer for a more comfortable chisel replacement. Nevertheless, this Ingersoll-Rand doesn’t come with chisel extensions included, implicating that you will must purchase them separately.


  • User-friendly Grip
  • featherweight
  • Not loud like other Air Hammers
  • Works on many Materials


  • Strives with Steel Rivets
  • It works with particular Chisels


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Sunex SX243 – Best Long Barrel Air Hammer

Blows per Minute: 2,200 | Bore Diameter: 3/4″ | Stroke Length: 3-3/4″ | Air Inlet NPT: 1/4″ | Min. Hose Size: 3/8″ | Average Air Consumption: 4 CFM | Sound level: 110 | Length: 10.63″ | Tool weight: 5.7 lbs

Sunex SX243 is a strong tool made to be sturdy and long-lasting. It is beneficial for many jobs like chipping, cutting, hammering, drilling, and many others. Its long barrel enables it to take Centre stage when dealing with heavy-duty applications like body shearing work. 

Sunex SX243 air hammer has an easy adjustment through an inbuilt regulator, properly aerated (4CFM), aluminium alloy housing, and a hardened steel barrel for durability. This air hammer is a professional duty tool for everyday body shop and DIY jobs at home.

It’s one of those you can’t leave out of your arsenal as it comes in handy in so many jobs. It can be so tiring, but once grabbed properly, the Sunex makes work a breeze as the triple tree bearing comes off in like three seconds. 

This tool works in various parts like the suspension parts, wheel studs, and even replacing a hub assembly. It is pretty easy to find the ideal one as it uses regular 0.401 shanks. It has a 3/8-inch hose, which is responsible for the high airflow that we experienced.


  • Comfortable Rubber handle
  • Long Barrel
  • Uses proper Size Shanks
  • Excellent for Mechanics repair
  • Value for Money


  • Bit Heavy
  • Doesn’t come with Chisels


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Campbell Hounsfield Air Hammer

Average Air Consumption: 3.1 CFM | Barrel length: 2-3/4″ | Air Inlet Size NPT (F): 0.25″ | Minimum Hose Size: 3/8″ | Maximum blows per minute: 2,600 BPM | Tool weight: 2.9 lbs

This air hammer is good at scrapping, making some chippings, resizing metals, and drilling holes. Its surface is entirely covered by some rubber that is tender to absorb all the vibrations produced during working. This helps in minimizing friction, fatigue, and it is user-friendly designed. It has a high power working rate that makes it easy to handle heavy tasks within a few minutes. It can be compatible with different sizes of chisels, and it is long-lasting. 

This air hammer is affordable, and this makes it more fascinating to the users and more economical. It helps in achieving the desired quality needed. It is capable of utilizing the 2600 bits per minute. This makes it more efficient in executing tasks that may require a high power rating. Time for the completion of duties is slightly below.

It is covered by rubber, which improves its efficiency and workability. It cushions the users against the fatigue and mild injuries that may arise in the line of duty. The Campbell Hounsfield air hammer is arguably one of the best air hammers on the market, especially considering its features and price. 


  • Rubber insulated
  • Capable of utilizing 2600 bits per minute
  • Pocket friendly


  • Does not come with a case and chisel bits
  • It is loud, and ear protection is necessary


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Uses of Air Hammers

Reshaping body parts of machines

Sometimes, a work that involves panel biting and mending some worn-out shapes, especially in the motor vehicle industry, may seem to be hectic and tiresome; however, the exercise may be excellent with the air hammers. These air hammers make the work more efficient as they minimize the excess waste of grease and occasioned time during working. Their features make them stand out as the best tools compared to others in the global market.

One can explore many ways to work with various parts as he or she may opt to use the big chisels to resize the body shapes without unnecessary difficulties easily. Steel bodies and any metal body can be worked on comfortably using these kinds of air hammers.

Depending on the working formula, the users are free to use the chisels that are intensely powered to realize the required pieces, especially when working with hardened bolts and materials. The air chisel is an appropriate hammer for complete reshaping machines since it does not affect other parts of the machine, unlike other chisels.

Making stone carves and sculptures

The art of carving is ancient, where craftsmen carve and make the best shapes and sizes from stones that meet their preferences. The air chisel makes the whole process exciting and less demanding compared to other hammers, where a lot of work and time are required and prone to some injuries.

They allow the users to chip away some stone pieces and parts to realize the best shapes to meet the conditions and the desired work. These chisels are developed with appropriate bits that work interchangeably to execute some work efficiently and better.

Construction of roads

When it comes to road building and maintenance, a type of air hammer known as pneumatic is used widely. It is preferred due to its ability to make the surface flat and even for the laying of building materials.

Whenever the constructors may find it suitable to link to the deep sewers to pave the way for the construction of manholes, they will use the air hammer. Considering that standard roads are made of a series of layers that may pose a significant challenge in breaking, then the air hammer will be required to penetrate the deep layers.

The removal of rocks

In instances where builders may want to develop a concrete and stable foundation for the storied buildings, then the idea of breaking the hard ground must be thought of. It is not only the storied buildings, but in case of farmers who may require to make ponds then it means they must break the hard surface to get sufficient water and for this, they must use the air chisel to dig the deep ground. The pneumatic hammer is capable of breaking the hard rocks into small pieces that may be needed while making those ponds.

The demolition of concrete walls

In cases where houses are built in areas meant for the construction of roads and commercial hubs, there could be a need to demolish those buildings to pave the way for the intended purposes. These concrete walls are hard to break then the air chisel is tipped to be the type of hammer that could make the whole exercise possible.

The broken pieces and chunks that may be present can be easily eradicated with the bulldozer’s help. History has it that it is these air hammers that demolished the wall of berlin. This could not have been possible were it not for this pneumatic hammer. The only requirement is that the chisel needs to be elevated to reach various parts that are targets of demolition.

Useful in construction

Some hoes and hammers were used in the medieval period to bring down unwanted buildings and walls; however, using those tools may seem a tall order in modern times. Walls and buildings can be demolished using the pneumatic chisel hammers.

What To Look When Selecting Best Air Hammer

Air Hammer Buying guide


Depending on the type of work that one needs to undertake, she/he may be forced to select the type of hammer that can comfortably match the kind of work and power required. So, those that need to perform heavy duties then they must require high-powered hammers.

The barrel’s size

Heavy tasks could require hammers with a long barrel for efficient execution of duties. Due to their lightweight and less vibrations, the short barrel hammers can only handle easy tasks such as cutting metals and sheets.


This is a fantastic attribute for any hammer since it makes the hammer safer and easy to use by the users. The activation should be reliable and adjustable to avoid some severe injuries during usage. 

The compressor size

Since these hammers are air developed in nature, the users must carefully consider the air compressor’s size to inform about the air volume and the pressure power of the machine. 

Presence of screens

Set-up screens must be put in place in case of danger to inform of the impending dangers in case one is working in an environment where there are flying objects. 


They comes with a two-year warranty, which is reliable to the customer.

Chain speed

The air hammer bits’ speed is measured in terms of rates per minute.

Common terms


This means blows per minute. This term is used to describe the number of rotations the piston makes within the air hammer. The lower the BPMs a tool has, the harder it hits the chisel. That is, a lower BPM results in more cutting power in the tool.


Basically, the CFM means the volume of air the compressor can create per minute, and the PSI is the air pressure in the tank. Requirements each air hammer requires a minimum CFM at a prescribed PSI to function properly and efficiently. 


The difference is the Rotational Frequency, which is simply defined as how fast the grinding wheel will spin, measured in RPM (revolutions per minute).


A simple moving average (SMA) is an arithmetic moving average calculated by adding recent prices and then dividing that figure by the number of periods in the calculation average. Short-term averages respond quickly to changes in the cost of the underlying security, while long-term averages are slower to react.

Piston stroke

Refers to the full travel of the piston along with the cylinder in either direction. In this stroke, the piston compresses the air-fuel mixture in preparation for ignition during the power stroke. Both the intake and exhaust outlets are closed during this stage.


A machine or tool used to attach rivets.

Integral muffler

It is an integral part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, which serves two main functions: to redirect and reduce exhaust system noise and to help filter exhaust gases out of the engine.

Best Air Hammer Bits Reviews

Ingersoll Rand 9500 Retail Chisels Pair

5-Piece set includes tapered punch, flat chisel, panel cutter, sheet metal cutter and spot weld breaker

For anybody who may wish to have the best returns for their money, one should go for Ingersoll rand -9500 repair tool. It is designed so that its rate is 600 ft-lb best for the repair of machines and in the replenishing of vehicles at small workshops and garages.

This air hammer bit is made from high-quality steel for maximum quality, durability, and strength. Ingersoll 5-piece accompanies the following chisels; sheet metal trimmer, flat chisel, a weld breaker, tapered punch and can be combined with Ingersoll Rand 114Gqc.


  • Offers high quality, accurate and productive results
  • It is safety conscious
  • Comes with a 5 –piece socket for easy compatibility
  • Has a one-year warranty


  • Cannot handle heavy duties
  • It is expensive


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Heavy Duty 6 Pcs Air Hammer Rivet Bits, Abuff Pneumatic Air Rivet Hammer Set

Material: 45# Steel | Size: 4.6″ x 0.401″ and 4.2″ x 0.401 | Package Include: 2 x Air hammer bits for solid rivets, 4 x Air hammer bits for hollow rivet, 1 x Spring

This is one of the most essential accessories for any air hammer. These rivet bits blend with the most common air hammers that have the standard 0.401 shanks. When you make one order, you will get 2 pieces of solid rivet bits, 1 piece of spring, and 4 pieces of hollow rivet bits. The good thing about this package is that it meets the set standards of AN470 or MS20470.

This air hammer bit is created from high-quality alloy steel, making it heavy-duty and hard enough to last long. The two-year warranty and three-month refund or replacement is an unbeatable deal.


  • Compatible with U-joints
  • Convenient for hammering jobs
  • Comes with a 5 –piece socket for easy compatibility
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • It is relatively low in terms of speed
  • It is expensive


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Hanperal 3Pcs Smoothing Pneumatic Air Hammer Pneumatic Chisel bit Set

Material: alloy steel | Type: hammer bits | Package included: 3x Hammer bits; 1x Spring; The Hammer for 150mm, 190mm, 250mm gun air hammer and gas shovel, handle diameter approx.10MM, universal type.

Hanperal Pneumatic Chisel bit is made of alloy steel to guarantee safety to its workers. It comes with 3 hammer bits with a spring to handle heavy tasks. You can use it for repairing, maintenance, and hammering jobs. This bit set features a flat head, and it is oval-shaped for easy formation of rivets, metal plates, and knockout. 


  • It is relatively cheap
  • Convenient for hammering jobs
  • Can comfortably handle-less heavy duties compatibility
  • Has a 2-year warranty


  • Low power and speed
  • Short life span


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Frequently asked questions

How does an air hammer work?

An air-powered hammer is a hammer that utilizes compressed air to chip away or carve things like metals, stones, and other materials. A hose usually connects this hammer to a huge tank that pumps air that makes the pistons move.

The Piston

A piston that is located in the cylinder is the only part of a pneumatic hammer that moves. The air pumped inside the cylinder makes the piston move up and down, similar to the hammer’s movement. The piston’s moving up and down forces a valve to open, allowing in compressed air to the cylinder hence pushing the piston itself.

The Drill Bit

The drill bit the controls piston’s force and speed. When the piston hits the drill, the drill is pushed to the surface to drill. The piston and drill move in opposite directions.

How to install chisel in air hammer?

Step 1: Remove the air hose

The very first step to changing the air hammer bits is to remove the air hose. This cuts off power to the air hammer.

Step 2: Get rid of the spring

Turn the spring anticlockwise to remove it from the air hammer. The spring is usually threaded to facilitate easy removal. Don’t worry. Some unique pneumatic hammers will require you to depress a lock located at the end of the spring while moving it anticlockwise. This allows you to free the lock so that you install the new bit.

Step 3: Introduce a new bit

The next thing is to put the new bit into the cylinder’s head by sliding the spring over the bit and screwing it into position in a clockwise position.

Step 4: Do the testing

Testing is simple; you only need to pull and push the chisel bit back and forth into the cylinder’s head. Make sure you apply some force because you must make sure that the bit is appropriately secured.

What is the best air hammer for front end work?

For any job to be accomplished smoothly and perfectly, having the best tool in your toolbox is essential. Coming up with the best air hammer for your front end work is never a walk in the park. However, there are features you should always look to come up with the best. Some of the best pneumatic hammers for front end work include:

  • Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC
  • Chicago Pneumatic CP7150 Air Hammer
  • Ingersoll Rand 121Q Super Duty Air Hammer
  • Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980 0.498″ Shank Super Duty Air Hammer/Riveter

How to install an air hammer bit?

Disconnect the air hose from the hammer before you interchange the bit. Turn the spring in the anticlockwise motion to insert a new chisel into the cylinder. You can check the firmness of the bit by swinging it back and forth into the cylinder head. This movement of back and forth enhances the ease and firmness of the nuts that one may require.

Is there an electric air hammer?

Yes, there is an electric hammer with a power capacity of 18.5 volts, a 3,000mah lithium-polymer battery.



With you is the necessary information to decide on the best air hammer to use for your tool shed. If you choose to acquire one, you will find the flexibility and usefulness it will deliver if you acquire a more extensive air compressing unit. We suggest you go through our manual and come to a conclusion about the model suit you need. After all, air tools are safer than electric ones due to their efficiency.

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