Top 6 Best Ball Peen Hammer Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

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A ball pein or ball-peen hammer is a tool used for shaping metal surfaces and riveting work. Like a regular hammer, a ball-peen hammer has fiberglass or wooden handles with a rubber grip for additional control and comfort.

One head of this hammer is round, while the other is circular and flat. What differentiates most ball peen hammers is the weight. Light ball peen hammers are ideal for lighter tasks or delicate jobs. Those with shorter handles are best when working in tight areas; however, those with longer handles are more powerful.

Their durability depends on how regularly you put them into use and the coating of the handle. In this article, we will review some of the high-rated best ball peen hammers and give you a brief buying guide. Let’s go!

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Ball Peen Hammer Uses

Whenever automatic tools are not in work in metal fabrication, ball peen hammers are the alternative. These hammers are meant to make any shape or form to the metal in hand. Let us look at some of the uses of the best ball peen hammers.

Removing Dents

Because they do not leave any marks on the metal under operation, ball peen hammers are best for smoothing dents. The ball ending of the hammer expands and flattens out the surfaces of the metal.

Striking Punches

A ball pein hammer is also essential when it comes to striking chisels and punches during woodworking or metalworking. Because the blunt ends of punches are minimal, the fatter end of a ball-peen hammer can offer the right amount of force needed to drive in the punches. This can be a great way to use punches to mark holes on either wood or metal.

Peening Rivets

Ball peen hammers are preferred especially for expanding and peening rivets, particularly the light rivets made of copper. Their shape is perfect for manually driving rivets into metals. The few strikes of a ball-peen hammer make sure that the joint for metal sheets are firmly secured because the extra shaft of a rivet needs to be cut and flattened so as it becomes strong.

Armor and Knife Making

Ball peen hammers are also applied when forging swords and knives as well as making armor up to now. A ball pein hammer is usually used for peening the knife blade into shape after it is cast into a knife blade and filed to required sharpness. While using the hammer, a strong metal surface is necessary to act as an anvil when peening the edge.

Best Ball Peen Hammer

Best Ball Peen Hammers 2021

Top 6 Ball Peen Hammer Reviews

1. TEKTON 8 oz. Ball Peen Hammer | 30401

TEKTON 8 oz lightweight can also be found in 12, 16, 24, 32, and 48 ounces. This super strength fiberglass hammer accompanies a comfortable and soft grip that cannot slip and a permanent head to tackle durable epoxy bond.

For the hammer to last long, the outer jacket is patented. This feature helps protect the handle core in case of missed strikes. Practically strong and weighing just 1 pound with its cleaned steelhead and little impression, the Tekton fiberglass ball-peen hammer is an ideal device for small and delicate work when a regular hammer won’t function also.

TEKTON 8 oz is the most appropriate tool when it comes to small and light tasks at home, for instance, when bending a light metal on a vise. The only drawback with this hammer is that the head material is susceptible to dings and dents over time or when you involve it in heavy tasks.


  • Has a soft and comfy non-slip rubber grip
  • Has high-strength handle made of fiberglass
  • Polished and forged head made of steel


  • After some use, the head starts separating from the handle
  • It is a bit lightweight hence not suitable for heavy tasks


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2. Beadsmith Vintaj Ball Pein Hammer

Best Ball Peen Hammer for rock carving

A considerable lot of you are sitting tight there for a small-sized hammer that you may require for your jewelry work. Beadsmith can’t keep you waiting for this ball-peen hammer. Beadsmith made the perfect ball-peen hammer for a gem dealer. You will also be dumbfounded to discover that their Ball Pein Jeweler’s Hammer is among the sort after ball peen hammers. Beadsmith is among the top sellers of ball pein hammers.

This hammer is the exceptional version called Vintaj. It weighs 4 oz, an ideal weight for the jewelers to use to reform, sculpt, tapping, and soften the soft and precious metals. This hammer has a total length of 9.5 inches that is suitable for curving any shape. The head is 2-inch long and sturdy even though it is not elegant. The best match for this hammer is its custom-made wooden handle that absorbs the banging vibration easily. The 1/3-inch diameter on the rounded side and the ¾-inch diameter on the flat side is best for rock carving.


  • The wooden handle offers a comfortable and firm grip
  • It is made of durable steel, which is ideal for intricate and heavy-duty work
  • The 19-mm face is suitable for imprinting


  • The ball head is not accurately rounded
  • The wooden handle does not last long without breaking


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3. Estwing E3-12BP Ball Peen Hammer

Estwing ball-peen hammer was made as a single piece so as to prevent breakage. This hammer features a shock reduction grip that is bond and mold to reduce banging power vibrations by 70%. This grip also adds comfort, especially when working for more extended periods.

To make Estwing look amazing as it functions, all exposed metal is fully polished. Estwing ball-peen hammer is among the high-end hammers used everywhere from industrial settings to hobbyist workshops and with a good reputation with equal reliability. The sturdiness and the grip of the E3-12BP are amazing.

The weight of 12 oz together with forged steel construction makes this ball pein hammer great for metalworking. It is difficult to go wrong with this hammer, especially if you are working on heavier tasks. Overall, Estwing is a worthy tool to try.


  • The hammer is forged into one piece
  • Features a patented shock reducing grip
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • Handles and head are fully polished


  • The wooden and composite deform after sometime


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4. Real Steel 0506 Non-Slip Ball Pein Hammer

Best Ball Peen Hammer for heavier tasks

In case you are looking for toughness and strength, then the Real Steel 0506 graphite ball pein hammer is what you need. The Real steel hammer is snug with a solely profiled, heat-treated, and drop-forged head, all done to help you in having an amazing strike. The mallet’s adjusted ball end is ideal for forming and shaping metal, and the graphite center furnishes the hammer with one of a kind sturdiness and flexibility.

32-ounce weight together with non-slip cushioned grip is all you need for comfort and powerful strikes. The ergonomically designed grip made of rubber was an implementation to reduce slippage and shock. This amazing ball peen hammer can help shape and form metal sheets, striking chisels, punches, and peening rivets. Generally, Real Steel 0506 is an amazing ball-peen hammer for a variety of tasks; however, it works best for heavier tasks.


  • The graphite core is stronger and durable than fiberglass
  • Comfortable and soft non-slip cushion grip
  • Polished ball pein and head


  • Swings a lot easier
  • It is a little bit heavier


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5. GreatNeck BP8 Ball Peen Hammer

This another amazing ball pen hammer that weighs 8 oz and features an ID stamping bearing brand name and size for easy identification. The chamfered ends of the GreatNeck BP8 provide room for an easy attachment process. The ball end is utilized for striking rivets, straightening, and shaping soft metals.

To resist corrosion and for more sturdiness, the GreatNeck sliding hammer is made from durable, high-quality chrome vanadium and high carbon steel. This hammer’s handle is additionally made of genuine hickory. The materials used to make this hammer give it a good reputation.

This ball-peen hammer is made to last. In any case, something happens to it during regular use; at that point, the GreatNeck Limited Lifetime warranty comes in handy. Make sure to peruse the item manual for full guarantee conditions and limitations. The design of this hammer is also excellent. It has a two-piece design, and it has the sturdiest build to withstand even the heaviest tasks.


  • ID stamping for easy identification
  • Quick attachment process
  • Drop forged steel for durability and strength
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The head is not tight enough


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6. Vaughan TC016 16-Ounce Commercial Ball Pein Hammer

Vaughan TC016 16-Ounce is another amazing ball pein hammer from the United States of America. This hammer features a concentrically ground refined striking peen and head—bevel with elegantly smooth cheeks completed in the rustproof dark paint.

The hammer’s handle is made from white hickory and also triple wedged into the eye with wedges made of steel and wood. The hammer is suitable for delicate and slightly heavier metalworking tasks. It can be found in almost any commercial metalworking workshop.


  • White hickory handle
  • Head finished with black paint to resist rust
  • The pein, face, and bevel are polished


  • The handles need to be sanded down


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Buying Guide – Best Ball Peen Hammer


Always have it in mind that ball peen hammers are economic apparatuses. Generally, a ball-peen hammer does not go beyond 60 dollars. Remembering this, make a spending plan, and don’t overspend.


Ball peen hammers are usually created from metal, and forged steel is used to make the heads. The forged steel is treated with heat to make it lighter and strong. In most cases, handlers are made of wood, especially beechwood. Glass fiber is sometimes used.


You are at liberty to purchase your ball peen hammer from a known brand or one without a brand. However, remember that in most situations, the quality and price of a tool are always linked to the brand. Choose a hammer from a well-reputed brand if possible.


The main piece of a ball-peen hammer is the head. For this reason, you need a hammer that is made from tough materials.


Weight is likewise an important feature to look for when choosing an excellent ball-peen hammer. Hammers need to be strong, but it also depends on the task you want to engage them in. For delicate tasks, a light hammer is best, and vice versa.

Ball peen hammer sizes

The common ball peen hammer head weights start from 4, 8, 12, and go up to 32 ounces. They go up to 32 ounces because, for instance, a more powerful hammer with enough weight is necessary when striking a punch or a cold chisel.

Common terms

Forged steel construction

When you alloy carbon and iron under very high pressure, you develop a material called forged steel. The resulting forged steel has a more nuanced grain look, less surface porosity, more fatigue and tensile strength, and more ductility than any processed steel. This forged is steel is the one used to make ball-peen heads because of these characteristics.

Hickory handle

A Hickory handle is a handle with a fawn foot pattern made from hickory timber with a polished finish. Hickory timber is got from America. It is denser and recommended for striking tools because it is durable and has the ability to absorb shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Ball Peen Hammer FAQs

What is the other name of the ball-peen hammer?

A Ball pein hammer or a ball-peen hammer is also referred to as a machinist’s hammer. This type of peening hammer is utilized in metalworking. It has a rounded head and a flat head.

Is a ball-peen hammer a deadly weapon?

Of course, a ball-peen hammer is a dangerous weapon. Hit someone with it, and you will discover it can cause severe injury or leave someone paralyzed.

What is ball peen dead blow hammer?

This is an optimal ball-peen hammer. This hammer combines hardened steel domes to forge and shape metal with the effortless positive strike from a dead blow hammer. The steel surfaces are utilized for fattening, striking, expanding, and shaping metal.

What can you use if you don’t have a rubber mallet?

A hammer can comfortably substitute a rubber mallet. You only need to cover your hammer with 1 diameter rubber tip, and you are set to go.

What would a rubber mallet be used for?

A rubber mallet comes in handy when a softer blow than that of a metal hammer is required. A rubber hammer is ideal for woodworkers who use chisels with plastic or wooden handles because they give soft strikes.

Why use a mallet instead of a hammer?

Most metal hammers deform the striking end of a metal tool, while wooden mallets do not.

A wooden mallet is also significant when reducing the force needed to drive the cutting edge of a chisel. This gives better control. Mallets made from hardwood are sometimes used to knock in cricket bats.


Final word

Ball peen hammers offer amazing features when it comes to making all kinds of rivets and shaping metals. These hammers are basic tools in any locksmith shop or workshop.

These tools can likewise be applied in nailing, breaking, and even demolishing. They ate ideal when it comes to working with soft metals. Buying the best ball-peen hammer is not easy because of the many options available.

When buying one, consider the buying guide describe earlier. Consider from heads, material, weight, price brand, and other more factors. By considering all those, you will be sure of getting a ball-peen hammer that will meet your expectations.

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