Top 10 Best Dead Blow Hammer in 2021

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You probably did not know that a dead blow hammer is ideal if you don’t want to damage a soft working surface. The main reason is, it absorbs the impact caused by the force applied while striking on the surface. It has a steel shot-packed head and a smooth face to control the impact while minimizing rebounds and vibrations.

It also has a handle grip made of soft material to make it easier when holding it. Expect no or fewer rebounds while using this hammer. It will swing easily, as well. So, you will deal with strong blows. Shot or sand is used to fill the head of a dead blow hammer.

While striking, you will realize that the effect is spread all over the surface big time! This actually minimizes the rebounds. This will also ensure that you strike only on the target surface. This dead blow mallet is basically by those workers in the car repair industry. They help to tap dents from vehicle bodies. They also help in fixing the chassis and repairing hub caps.

What is a dead blow hammer?

A dead blow hammer is a special mallet that minimizes the harsh impact dealt on the surface. It also makes rebounds from the surface minimal. If your working area is not wide, you need this hammer for safety. It also works better in applications such as hydraulics and maintenance work. The head of this hammer can be hollow or solid. Sometimes, you may find it filled with steel shot or sand. This makes its distribution of energy for a long time and to reduce unnecessary rebounds.

If this hammer breaks its head, it will throw particles all over. A hollow dead blow mallet would be disadvantageous, especially in certain areas such as manufacturing factories where foreign particles may occur.

Best Dead Blow Hammer

Best Dead Blow Hammer Reviews of 2021

Neiko 02846A 1 LB Dead Blow Hammer

Neon Orange I Unibody Molded | Checkered Grip | Spark and Rebound Resistant

With this Neiko 02846A dead blow hammer, you won’t go wrong. It has steel inside the head, which gets rid of post-strike rebound, typical with most solid-head hammers or steel. The steel inside the head also adds extra power to the hammer, making it ideal for auto bodywork. This implies fewer blows are required, lessening the odds of disfiguring the workpiece.

Additionally, work surfaces are secured by the uni-cast poly shaped coat that encases the handle and head. The unicast poly body prevents the handle and head from wearing and sparks upon impact. The handle is made with a comfy diamond surfaced pattern for a grip that is non-slip.

Bright shading makes it simple to find and separate between different mallets in your toolbox. Use for car work, carpentry, sheet metal shaping, and other work.


  • Steel filled head eliminates spark and rebound
  • Non-slip handles grip that is diamond textured
  • Unicast molded body to prevent the mallet from wearing


  • The hammer comes with a warning that it has a chemical known to cause cancer
  • Not useful for heavy tasks


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TEKTON 30703 Dead Blow Hammer

The steel shot inside TEKTON 30703 dead blow hammers head kills post-hit bounce, which is common with strong head hammers and steel. Controlling this bounce back rations the energy of each blow, diverting it totally into the workpiece.

This implies less blows are required, lessening the odds of misshaping the workpiece. Also, work surfaces are secured by the high-sway poly coat that encases the head and handles. This coat gives a positive strike while preventing the damaging of gentler metals like aluminum.

The handle is made with a comfy diamond surfaced pattern for a grip that is non-slip. Tekton dead blow hammer is also made with 3Pphthalate and lead-free materials that comply with California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic-Enforcement Act.


  • A handle that is diamond textured
  • Prevents damaging surfaces because of the high-impact poly jacket
  • The steel inside the head reduces rebound and conserves energy


  • Wears out after some use
  • Not suited for heavy tasks


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Capri Tools 10096 C096 1 lb Dead Blow Hammer

Capri Tools 10096 C096 dead blow hammer is for those moments when you want to strike surfaces hard without damaging the material. That is the place where this dead blow mallet can be a lifesaver. The steel shot head will absorb impact shock, cut down bounce back, and get the most out of the power applied. The Polyurethane (PU) is a high-quality material planned explicitly not to damage surfaces or absorb fluids during work. This dead blow hammer accompanies a round grasp for a superior, ergonomic feel.

The handle also contains steel that is reinforced, adding safety and power and preventing the hammer from breaking upon impact.


  • Steel shot filled head reduces rebound, absorbs shock, and maximizes force.
  • Strikes hard objects without damaging them
  • A round non-slip handle grip for a good and ergonomic feel
  • Made from high Polyurethane material
  • The handle has reinforced steel.


  • There have been complaints of small holes in the rubber


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WORKPRO Dead Blow Hammer Set

The brand WORKPRO is in the business to bring dependability and affordability to the industry of tools. WORKPRO Dead Blow Hammer generates positive power with reduced bounce back. Compared to a conventional hammer that is known to be very harsh, hit it “dead on” when you have a WORKPRO dead blow hammer.

This dead blow hammer features a steel shot head for reduced re-bounce and maximum force. This is best for chassis work, removing or installing knock-off hubs, removing small dents, and dislodging stuck parts. No marring of surfaces, a composite handle that is impact resistant, and a concrete molded case are sealing the inner steel frame.

The full set accompanies; 3Lbs dead blow hammer, 1Lb dead blow hammer, and 2Lbs dead blow hammer. Steel shot-filled head provided additional power to pound blows and wipes out bounce back, supportive in limiting harm to the striking surface since it controls the hitting power with the little bounce back from the striking surface.


  • Reinvented, dependable blow hammer
  • Steel-shot head for maximum force and reduced bounce back
  • Good for chassis work
  • No marring of surfaces


  • A bit expensive, not the best hammer for its money


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EFFICERE Dead Blow Hammer

This 3-piece premium dead blow hammer kit is all you need for striking needs at your garage, home, worksite, shop, and cars. It is the ideal decision for a wide scope of utilizations, for example, car and auto body fixes, carpentry, framing and flooring, furniture establishment, gunsmithing, material creation and leveling, hardware support, and construction.

With the unique plan of little steel shot filled head, these mallets won’t bob back after a strong strike as other regular hammers. Controlling this exhausting bounce back saves each blow’s energy by completely diverting it to the workpiece and retaining a large portion of shock and resonation to your arm.

EFFICERE 3-piece also features a high-impact plastic vinyl coating that protects the delicate soft work surfaces from being marred and damaged. It additionally eliminates sparking on iron and steel parts and minimizes the chances of defacing the workpieces.

Along with the hardcore inside produced using a robust all-metal construction, these hammers are worked to keep going long and work well on hard material. Furthermore, this set incorporates three distinct sizes from little to large for flexible purposes. It meets an assortment of your requirements regardless of whether you are a home/retailer, contractual worker, mechanics expert, engineer, craftsman, gunsmith, or a specialist.


  • High-impact plastic vinyl coating
  • Steel shot filled head
  • Comes in 3-piece
  • Suitable for a wide range of tasks


  • A little bit expensive


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Estwing Dead Blow Hammer

45 oz Mallet with No-Mar Polyurethane & Cushion Grip Handle – CCD45

Estwing Dead Blow Hammer is all you need if you value strength and power. This hammer has a steel shot filled head that offers maximum control power. Controlling this bounce back rations the energy of each blow, diverting it totally into the workpiece. This also means that fewer blows are required hence conserving energy.

The steel handle is entirely covered by high-quality Polyurethane that is chemical and oil resistant. The polyurethane head coating also reduces the marring and denting of striking surfaces, not forgetting that it offers extreme durability and is suited for the toughest jobs.

This dead blow hammer is ideal for automotive garages, woodworking, metal sheet working, and any other precision work because it is chemical and oil resistant.


  • The head absorbs shock dampening shot for maximum control and power
  • Polyurethane handle with steel inside makes it durable
  • Best for garage setting
  • Comfortable and durable non-slip grip handle


  • Not durable as the manufacturer claims
  • Somehow costly


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Stanley 57-550 5-Pound Compo-Cast Soft-Face Sledge Hammer

5LB COMPO-CAST features a Uni-Cast construction made of non-ferrous materials that are non-sparkling and are liquid-resistant. This soft face hammer has a flat extension on the head that facilitates easy and upright storage. To prevent bounce back and to offer maximum strength, safety and to prevent breaking on overstrike, the handle is strengthened with steel. When it comes to noise reduction, Stanley 5LB COMPO-CAST is your partner because of the Urethane coating.

The soft face helps in preventing the marring of smooth surfaces, and the dead blow function reduces rebound, especially when striking hardened surfaces. No bare metal on head, shaft, or face. Limited lifetime warranty is another significant factor that will make you consider this dead blow hammer.


  • Limited life warranty
  • Urethane coating reduces noise pollution
  • Soft face helps reduce marring of soft surfaces
  • Made from non-sparkling materials


  • Poor casting, and it looks like it will not serve you for a year.


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YIYITOOLS Dead Blow Hammer (YY-3-001)

1 piece-1 LB Premium and Unicast Mallet, Red, Rebound Resistant, Non-Marring, and Non-Sparking Design

Steel shot filled head adds additional power to pound blows and reduces spark and bounce back. Unicast configuration makes this dead blow hammer strong and sturdy, limits harm, and stifles the noise, especially when hitting a surface torque. The outside of the mallet head is smooth and glossy. The materials used to make YIYITOOLS dead blow hammer are strong and solid, resistant to alkali and acid, rust resistance, tolerant to high temperature, durable, and the surface doesn’t tumble off.

Antiskid handle plan, with the goal that the hammer doesn’t fall off easily, facilitates good grasp, comfortable and soft, appropriate for long time work. YIYITOOLS is best when it comes to construction, automobiles, mechanical upkeep, marble establishment, woodworking, and other fragile or metal surfaces you need to prevent sparking marring.


  • Comfortable and soft non-slip handle grip
  • Materials used are strong and durable
  • Steel shot filled head cuts down the rebound and offers additional power


  • Don’t take long before the ends blow out


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Nupla 10027 SFS-2SG Standard Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer

1 Steel Face, Sg Grip, 13.75” Long Handle

This great United States dead blower hammer should not miss in your toolbox. It is a short loaded hammer that features one steel face. Specially designed striking face material prevents surface marring and offers impressive durability. Nupla 10027 handle is created from high-quality fiberglass for a maximum non-slip grip.

If you are that kind of person who values money, this is the hammer for you. It is available at a low price, and unlike other sellers, Nupla offers free shipping. The select propellants also offer consistent performance and accuracy.


  • Handle made of high-quality fiberglass
  • It is pocket friendly
  • Be sure it will serve you for quite some time


  • Lacks inertial boost
  • The cap tore loose after some use


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SATA ST92901SC 35mm Dead Blow Hammer

400g Head Weight and 260mm Length, with a Soft Green Impact-Absorbing Rubber Head – ST929102SC

SATA dead blow hammer features top-industry innovation to make sure the users have a tool that will not let them down. Its rubber handles meet the needs of experts in various fields.

The head of this hammer features steel ball bearings that minimize bounce back and create a deadening effect from the striking surface. If you have sensitive work, then SATA ST92901SC 35mm dead blow hammer is your companion; it has a soft face that doesn’t produce sparks and is perfect for smooth surfaces because it doesn’t mar easily.

The Polyurethane finished head resists many solvents such as; brake fluid, gas and is ant-freeze.

The handle features industrial-strength rubber that is capable of absorbing impact and offers a comfy, non-slip grip. This dead blow hammer is for expert workshops where fire prevention is a concern or a priority.


  • The hammer’s head is resistant to several solvents
  • Very ideal for soft and delicate tasks
  • The handle’s rubber offers a perfect grip and absorbs shock
  • Steel ball bearing that reduces rebound


  • Soft, but very tough
  • A bit smaller


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Best Dead Blow Hammer Buying Guide

There are many blow mallets available in your nearby stores or market. They come in different sizes and shapes. Below are some factors you need to consider as you decide to purchase a dead blow hammer. These factors will go a long way in helping you to get the best hammer.


This is an essential part of your hammer. It is supposed to be comfortable to use, and it should not slip off your hands while you are at work.


You probably need to have a hammer that will last for some years without any breakage. Check on quality when purchasing your dead blow hammer. This will ensure that there is consistency in working.


The kind of work you do will determine the type of hammer you will buy. There are a number of hammers available in the market. These serve various tasks. Above all, you just know the right hammer for your work.


This is the most important of all factors because you need to buy a pocket-friendly hammer. An expensive tool does not necessarily guarantee quality. However, there are cheaper hammers that still guarantee you quality.

Safety tips while working with Dead Blow Hammer

1. Wear safety goggles

A dead blow hammer has steel balls at its head. These balls make the hammer steady so that it cannot bounce. Considering that the surface could be fragile hence easily broken, you need to wear goggles for protection.

2. Only use on small jobs

Use this mallet on tasks that are small and short. Applying a lot of energy and force could make it break. A dead blow hammer is ideal for tasks such as when repairing chassis and floors that are not major.

3. Always store in a secure place

Keep your hammer in a place free from any dangerous damage. Place it somewhere it cannot drop. If it drops, it may either injure you or break itself.

4. Never strike with a lot of force

Contrary to other hammers, this type of hammer is susceptible to breakage. This is if you strike with much force, especially on a hard surface. Sometimes, applying a lot of force may not necessarily have to break it but reduce its lifespan.

Best Dead Blow Hammer FAQs

What do you do with a dead blow hammer?

A dead blow hammer is a tool that looks like a mallet meant for absorbing tremors when it is striking on a surface. It is an essential tool because it does not damage soft surfaces. It also minimizes rebounds as you strike. For instance, putting joints together or undoing them would require this type of hammers. Commonly, shots made of steel, sand, or lead are used to fill the head of the hammer. These help to make it steady as energy is evenly distributed as you strike.

How to use a dead blow hammer?

  • Wear safety goggles

As mentioned earlier, this type of hammer is made of loose particles. This is to prevent unnecessary rebounds that are likely to occur as you strike. Debris may fly as you do the striking. This is as a result of the particles in the hammer’s head. It is thus important to put on your goggles for eye protection. Please note that this hammer is not supposed to be used to strike sharp things, chisels, and nails.

  • Don’t use excessive force

Aluminum and Polyurethane are commonly used to manufacture dead blow hammers. These materials are not hard and can break at any time. Therefore do not use too much force while striking. Although it may necessarily not break, continuous striking may make the life of the hammer relatively short.

  • Short, small jobs

This hammer is only supposed to be used when doing light jobs, which are short as well. Tasks that need a lot of force are not ideal for this hammer. Stick to light and quick tasks. Do not hammer through walls using this hammer. If your work is heavy, go for a hammer that has a coating from outside. This will prevent damages to the hammer.

  • Storage

Please store this hammer in a place where it cannot drop or get damaged. Also, do not keep other tools on top of this hammer. It is now clear that if you want your hammer to serve you well, you need to take good care of it in a special way. Your tool kit needs a long-lasting dead blow hammer.

Dead blow hammer vs. rubber mallet: Decisive features

There is one secret behind a dead blow hammer. It is made of solid polymer. The polymer is essential in preventing a soft surface from being damaged. It’s not the conclusion that a hammer and a traditional mallet are used for that same purpose, only that a dead blow hammer is used when handling lighter tasks. Compared to a rubber mallet, a dead blow hammer does not bounce. An even energy transfer perhaps makes it advantageous to use. It also depends on how you hold it for better results.

What is a dead blow hammer filled with?

Steel, sand, or lead are the most common shits used to fill the dead blow hammer’s hollow head. These make it heavier, and all the energy is dispelled onto the surface being struck.

Dead blow hammer vs. sledgehammer

A sledgehammer gives a hard knock on heavy items such as drifts or chisels. If you do not intend to destroy the place you are hitting upon, use a dead blow hammer. If you still hate bouncing of the hammer, still use it. This hammer is more or less a claw hammer, only that it has a different or strange name.

Why color is important for dead blow hammer

Color improves visibility. You can see the hammer quite easily in the shop. It is also easy to spot it while searching, unlike when it is just dull.

Advantages of polyurethane-coated dead blow hammer

Its striking convex head prevents splitting and chipping. It also gives minimal dents, mars, and damages.

Common terms

Non-marring plastic surface

It is a soft surface found on the hammer that does not damage the surface that it is being struck. This is important, especially when dealing with delicate tasks.

Shot filled bead blow

It prevents rebounds while giving a stable striking force. It will relieve you of fatigue hence making you comfortable using it all day.


It can minimize bouncing back when striking a surface.


Final words

Now that you know what is a dead blow hammer and the factors to consider when acquiring one, I hope you are in a position to choose one that suits your needs. There are a plethora of dead blow hammers in the market but choosing one is not easy. It needs you to spare some of your time to get the best.

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