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Hammers, more especially sledgehammers, are among the most versatile tools. They are widely used in building; for instance, the sledgehammers used to drive stakes into the railroad. However, these tools are equally used in demolition. In fact, sledgehammers are the most suitable tools for the demolition of walls made of bricks. Nowadays, sledgehammers, when combined with tires, can be the best route to fitness.

Regardless of where and what your hammer will be utilized for, some features will make it less or more applicable. Even though sledgehammers are explicitly made for hitting surfaces, they do so with varying degrees of efficiency.

Now, the question is, which sledgehammer are you supposed to buy? In this review, you will get the answer to this question. To get the answer to this question, we have compiled a list of the best sledgehammers and highlighted the features, cons, and pros of each product. Take time and go through the list to settle for a sledgehammer that meets your needs.

Sledge hammer uses

Best Sledge Hammer


Sledge Hammer– an Essential Tool in Construction

One of the most physically intensive tasks where a sledgehammer is used is in construction. In construction, hand tools like a pickaxe and a sledgehammer help works execute their manual work efficiently and swiftly. These tools offer a lot of support in construction than one can expect. Much thanks to its weight difference between the heavy metal head and the long handle that offers the user momentum and substantial swing force needed to perform various demolition and construction tasks. Some of the uses of a sledgehammer include;

Home Demolition

A sledgehammer can do any home demolition job, such as the demolition of brick walls. This is the reason why many contractors utilize it in destroying buildings. From taking down cabinets to demolishing sinks and walls, sledgehammers can perform these tasks effectively and quickly. These sledgehammers, particularly the heavy-duty ones, can break down structures made of sheetrock, plaster, and even drywall. This does not leave out joists and wall studs of interior walls, air conditioning ducts, and heating.

Removing Exterior Walls

To withstand nature’s blows, we strongly build exterior walls. However, if you can swing a sledgehammer with the proper force, it can take down these strongly-constructed walls. When you have this hammer bringing down a concrete block and bricks is quick and simple; however, solid concrete walls need a little energy and time.

Breaking Concrete Slabs

Braking down concrete into pieces is a challenging task. Lifting and removing concrete slabs is an overwhelming task. This is where a sledgehammer comes in handy. When a heavy-duty sledgehammer is swung with a lot of force, kinetic energy is created. Striking the concrete downwards with this force will result in cracks. When you hit repeatedly, the concrete slab will break into pieces.

Driving Bolts into Concrete

Drilling into a block of concrete is difficult due to its hardness. To make the situation worse, the high-power drills that can penetrate concrete cost a fortune. This makes a sledgehammer the best option when it comes to installing bolts and hooks into the concrete. However, the bolts must be made of steel so that they can withstand the high impact resulting from a swinging sledgehammer.

A Sledgehammer can also be used to do workouts

Sledgehammer workouts may be the ultimate workout you are missing. This workout is simple, and you only need a car tire or plywood and a sledgehammer. With these workouts, you will strengthen and tone within a short period.


Below is Our Rundown of the 7 Best Sledge Hammers


Fiskars PRO 750670-1001 IsoCore 8 lb Double Flat Face Sledge Hammer (36”)

A sledgehammer sounds and seems like a simple ordinary tool. It is merely a hunk of metal on a handle. Yes, that could be the case a couple of decades ago, but nowadays, sledgehammers have evolved and are thoroughly impressing technology such as the Fiskars Pro IsoCore Sledge.

With the Fiskars Pro IsoCore Sledge technology, you can tell that this is not an ordinary sledgehammer even before you hold it. This features a fiberglass handle that is made with a patented IsoCore Shock Control System. You probably know how important this feature is to your arms if you have ever slammed a hammer into a brick or concrete.

The most impressive feature about Fiskars PRO 750670-1001 IsoCore sledgehammer is the double-faced head. This makes this hammer create up to 5X as much damage as an ordinary sledge head. The other side of this hammer has a flat surface, which is suitable for driving stakes and other items. This sledgehammer is available in weights of between 4 pounds to 16 pounds. It is a little bit expensive than its competitors. However, its high-end features make it one of the best.


  • This sledgehammer is available from 4-16 pounds
  • Best for driving and demolition due to its two faces
  • The wedged face has a high destructive power of up to 5X than the ordinary sledgehammer
  • The IsoCore shock control system cuts down impact and vibration


  • Costs more than its competitor models


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CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer, 10-Pound (CMHT56019)

Best sledgehammer for the workout

CRAFTSMAN CMHT56019 sledgehammer is worth considering if you are looking for an affordable way to demolish something. Both sides of this sledgehammer are designed to look like a bullet nose, a feature that makes it create twice as much striking force same as the regular flat face sledgehammer. The handle cannot also be left behind because it is designed to absorb the extra impact. Its core is made of particulate filled fiberglass. The shock-absorbing collar additionally helps in dampening the vibrations even more.

The only drawback to this hammer is its bullet nose, which is not good when it comes to driving. In case you intend to rebar, drive stakes or do something else, this sledgehammer cannot be helpful. However, when it comes to demolition, this sledgehammer offers an affordable alternative. CRAFTSMAN hammer is protected by a lifetime warranty, a policy that ensures your investment will serve you for a couple of demolition projects.

This hammer’s handle is also unbeatable. The handle isn’t just shock-absorbing; it’s additionally shatterproof. On top of that, it’s insulated with a nicely textured grip. So forget about this hammer slipping out of your hands.


  • The bullet nose design makes it provide twice striking force
  • It is made in a way that dampens the vibration impact
  • The lifetime warranty is impressive.


  • Its bullet designed nose cannot be used for driving.


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Estwing Crack Hammer – MRF2LB

2-Pound Sledge with Fiberglass Handle & No-Slip Cushion Grip

If you are looking for a tempered and hardened head sledgehammer, then the Sure Strike 32 oz. A sledgehammer from Estwing is all you need. This hammer features forged steel and a blue painted head, which is also tempered and hardened. This Sure Strike hammer is designed for striking brick chisels, star drills, hardened nails, cold chisels, punches, and spikes. All faces of this hammer are beveled.

This drilling sledgehammer is best for heavy blows in areas where there is limited swing because it features an 11-inch textured and jacketed yellow fiberglass handle. This is a study and reliable tool for any driving and demolition task. Safety should be a priority when working with such tools. So, make sure to wear safety goggles, and people near you should also wear them.


  • Good for driving
  • Its head is tempered and hardened for maximum durability and power
  • Best for heavy blows where swing space is limited
  • Both sides of this hammer are beveled


  • If you hit things that shouldn’t be hit, it does a lot of damage


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Wilton 20416, 4 lb. BASH Sledge Hammer with 16-in Unbreakable Handle

When it comes to technology and innovation, JPW cannot be left out. This U.S.-based company is determined to providing its customers with unmatched service. BASH Sledgehammer is one of this company’s products that it has made to serve the needs of customers.

The Unbreakable Technology employed in making this sledgehammer; the steel core withstands breaking even during overstrikes. Hi-Vis Head – Drop forged 46 HRC head made of steel withstands even the most overwhelming tasks. This feature makes this hammer best for demolition and even driving. With this hammer, forget dislodging because it has a safety plate that keeps the head to the handle.

BASH Sledgehammer also takes care of your comfort. It features an ergonomic handle that is thickened and shaped for reduced vibration and improved comfort. This hammer also features a non-slip grip. The vulcanized rubber handle provides a secure grip while striking. The Lanyard hole additionally secures the hammer safely to the wrist or any stationary object.


  • Unbreakable technology
  • Ergonomic handle that is shaped and thickened
  • Best for heavy commercial applications
  • Safety plate to prevent dislodging


  • This sledgehammer is heavy when it comes to commercial applications


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STANLEY FMHT56006 FATMAX Drilling Sledge Hammer, 3-Pound

Best sledge hammer for splitting wood

A particle dampened handle is the most conspicuous feature of the STANLEY FMHT56006 3lb FATMAX drilling Sledgehammer. The handle’s soaking particulates significantly reduce vibrations when compared to a solid core handle. Comfort and control are also a guarantee with this hammer because it features an Anti-Vibe handle grip that reduces vibrations.

This hammer’s bullet nose face is another fantastic feature because it offers 50% more power than a conventional head and a familiar face on the other end for traditional users. When compared to a wooden handle, this hammer’s shatterproof fiberglass handle is long-lasting. Customers don’t have to worry much about investing their money in this sledgehammer because a limited lifetime warranty backs it.


  • Anti-Vibe handle grip for better control and comfort
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The bullet nose face provides more power when compared to conventional hammers
  • Its shatterproof fiberglass handle is long-lasting


  • After prolonged use, the handle feels rough on the hands


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MAXPOWER 4lb Sledge Hammer

Steel Head, 12-inch Fiberglass Handle Shock-resistant. Best sledgehammer for demolition

If you are looking for a lightweight sledgehammer then, MAXPOWER 4lb Sledge Hammer is here for you. This hammer features a drop-forged steelhead that is corrosion resistant. The handle of this hammer is also great since it’s made of fiberglass, and we all know that fiberglass is durable and lightweight when compared to traditional wooden handles. This hammer is best suited for lighter tasks because of its lightweight.

Expect comfort and control from this sledgehammer. The ergonomic, thickened rubber handle cover offers an excellent grip. With this sledgehammer, expect maximum working life because it has a strong head and grip connection. A lifetime warranty backs up manufacturer defects.


  • A long-lasting head which is made from heat-hardened steel
  • Ergonomic fiberglass handle that is 12-inch
  • Its lightweight is suitable for a comfortable grip
  • Firmly set in to prevent dislodging and minimize vibration
  • Functions great without hesitation


  • Loses grip after an extended use
  • Not suitable for heavy tasks


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REAL STEEL 0508 Rubber Grip Forged Jacketed Graphite Drilling Sledge Hammer for Striking 3 lb

Best sledgehammer for concrete

If you are looking for powerful blows with an easy swing, Real Steel 0508 is your ultimate hammer. This rubber grip forged jacketed graphite drilling hammer is impeccably balanced to provide substantial impacts. With the ideal temper and balance, this hammer is long-lasting and comfortable to work with. With this hammer, you don’t have to worry about grip. It has a non-slip cushion grip that provides you with excellent hold and control. Without many struggles, you will work with Real Steel 0508 in-home installations, carpentry, or DIY projects.

When you have this sledgehammer, not only will you be able to use it with punches, chisels, hardened nails, and star drills but also with a couple of your home DIY projects and much more. Its core, made of graphite, provides you with improved strength, and the cushion grip and non-slip textured rubber grip handle is secure, comfortable, and provides a controlled swing.


  • Sturdy, solid, and easy to use
  • Ultimate swing due to its superior grip
  • Versatile and heavy-duty sledgehammer
  • Powerful cross striking head for maximum impact


  • The handle of this hammer is somehow short
  • Only one side of this hammer is useful, and the other end is small and somewhat rounded


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Best Sledge Hammer Buying guide

In this buying guide, we focus on helping you choose the best sledgehammer by highlighting some features that you need to look at before making the final decision. Some of these features include; handle material, weight, use, and cost.


Sledge Hammer Handle Material

Most sledgehammer handles are typically made of fiberglass, wood, or sometimes steel insulated with a rubber grip. Generally, a number of sledgehammers are made of fiberglass handles because of their rigid composition and lightweight. Fiberglass is preferred because it is a shock-absorbent and keeps its condition blow after blow. Some handles are made of low-quality fiberglass, which tends to break.


Sledge Hammer Weight

A considerable portion of a sledgehammer’s weight is from its head, and the weights range from 3-20 pounds. The hammer’s head weight is very necessary since it determines handle length and head design.


Sledge Hammer Use

Each sledgehammer is made for a particular purpose. So, you need to make sure that the sledgehammer you purchase matches its intended use. There are those made to perform heavy tasks, and there are those for lighter tasks.



Like any item, the cost is not that important, and it doesn’t indicate quality. However, it is helpful to know the average price of a sledgehammer, mainly if you are on a tight budget. It is evident that cost sometimes goes hand in hand with quality.


Common Terms

Fiberglass Handle: A fiberglass handle is made by extruding fiberglass resin into a hollow tube the length and shape of the handle.

Innovative forging technology: Forging is a process that involves using localized compressive forces to shape metal. The blows are delivered using a die or a power hammer.

Strike shock: This is a shock resulting from a sledgehammer when you hit a surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Best sledgehammer (FAQs)


What should be the length of the sledgehammer handle?

Usually, sledgehammer handles’ length range between 50 centimeters to 1 meter depending on the weight of the head. The weight of the head is generally between 2.2 to 19.8 lb.


What is the best sledgehammer for concrete?

The best sledgehammer for concrete should be capable of delivering immense destructive and driving power. Wilton BASH is the absolute monster for this job. What you only need to look at is the shaft length, weight, and material.


What is NOT a common use for a sledgehammer?

Sledgehammers are hardly applied in current mining operations, especially hand steel. These hammers are majorly applied when driving fence posts into the ground and dislodging a trapped object, or breaking down concrete.


What they mean by “Unbreakable Technology”?

This means that the handle core is made of steel, and therefore, the handle cannot break even during overstrikes.


Please explain “Wilton BASH backed by our $1,000 Guarantee”

This simply means that in case their sledgehammer’s handle breaks within two years of purchase, they will award you $1,000.


What is the IsoCore Shock Control System, and how it works?

IsoCore Shock Control System is a feature that dampens strike shock and vibration hence cutting down the punishment that your body takes by 4X. The dual-layered handle absorbs any lingering vibration.


How do you replace the handle of the sledgehammer if it breaks?


Step 1: Loosen up the old sledgehammer handle.

The remaining piece of a broken handle is still tightly fitted in the hammerhead. Use a drill to drill several holes around the metal wedge to loosen it. The holes enable the wood to bend back so that the handle can be pulled out.


Step 2: Removing the Old Hammer Handle.

Place the sledgehammer in the vise. This gives the broken handle clearance so that it can be knocked out easily.


Step 3: Placing the New Hammer Handle

Check whether the handle is correctly sized for the hammer eye before you ram it in. In case it is big, use a belt sander or coarse wood rasp, or angle grinder to trim it to size.


Step 4: Inserting the Wooden Wedge.

Once the new handle is set in, now insert the wooden wedge by gently pushing it in using your hand. Hit it down using a rubber-faced hammer in the air while rotating it 180 degrees after every hit. Hit until it doesn’t move down anymore.


Step 5: Inserting the Steel Wedge.

Finally, insert the steel wedge to maximally push the new handle outward against the hammer’s eyewall to close all the remaining gaps completely.


Final verdict

According to our review, the Fiskars Pro IsoCore sledgehammer is the best for you because it includes a lot of contemporary technology even though it seems simple. This hammer features two different faces, one for demolition that is 5X destructive than an ordinary sledgehammer and another one for driving. The best of the best is the IsoCore Schock Control System that cares for your arms.

In case you are looking for a pocket-friendly hammer then, Estwing Sure Strike 3-Pound sledgehammer is your companion. Even if it’s smaller, it is manageable. Its rubber grip is well balanced therefore helping you keep a firm and good hold on it. If you are looking for the outright pinnacle of hammer technology, try the Wilton BASH. This monster was created to be unbreakable, and it is accompanied by a $1,000 guarantee if the handle breaks within two years of purchase.


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