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Currently, there is a significant demand for the best Windows 10 VPN, and the competition is stiff as ever. Used on over a billion devices around the globe, Windows is well-known, versatile, stable, and suitable for developing top-notch VPNs that offer the best of the best. From torrenting and streaming to masking your daily personal and browsing information, Windows 10 VPNs are gaining more popularity than ever and have become major software. However, the biggest challenge is which one best meets your requirements.

To help you make an informed decision on the best VPN for Windows 10, we tested a good number of VPNs and narrowed down the selection to seven best. But first, why do you need a Windows 10 VPN, and what can it do for you.


How does a Windows 10 VPN work?

A Windows 10 VPN tunnels your internet connection away from your ISP through its servers. The VPN’s servers are highly encrypted than those your ISP utilizes and are also virtually impenetrable. In case you want your online activity to be entirely private, even to your ISP, a Windows 10 VPN is what you need.

VPNs are great for streaming as well. Because they have a vast network of servers worldwide, you can connect to one, and your IP will appear to be in a particular country. This is an excellent way of bypassing geo-blocked content that is not available in your country. For instance, iPlayer and Netflix are geo-restricted.

So, in case you are in the market looking for the best Windows 10 VPN, read this review to find out which VPN service providers work best for Windows 10 and that offer the best value for your money. According to our test, NordVPN worked best for Windows 10, but other VPN options also worked well.


How to Choose the Best Windows 10 VPN for PC

The good news is that every VPN on the web caters to Windows users. This means that you pick according to your requirements and budget.

When picking a VPN for your Windows 10, you should look for good all-around functionality with almost everything; connection speeds, P2P support, torrenting, app usability, clear and straightforward privacy policy, and so on.

Then, don’t forget to look at the pricing because not every VPN is worth the money they are asking for. Sometimes digging deeper into your pocket ensures a superb experience. However, other times a reasonably priced VPN still offers optimal quality. But we have done all the donkey work for you and selected the seven best VPNs for Windows 10. You won’t go wrong with the following VPNs.




NordVPN is one of the high-end VPNs for Windows 10 with a great range of security features such as Onion over VPN and double VPN. Combine these with two kill switches, strong DNS protection, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2/IPsec protocols, plus good connection speeds, and you have the best VPN for Windows 10.

The Windows app is P2P friendly and provides an intuitive, simple interface that makes it the best choice for torrents. Apart from all these, connection speeds are good, meaning you won’t be disappointed with whatever you will be doing.

The good thing about Nord is that it has undergone a second independent audit which proved its claims on the no-logs policy. This is a big step and tick for individuals who value privacy. With Nord, you are in safe hands. You are sure that it’s not collecting your data which may be used to identify you in case of an investigation.

Most people want something simple and straightforward, and Nord does precisely that. You can simply open the Windows app with one click, and you are protected. Switching between servers is super easy and enabling the extra features is as simple as one plus one. The VPN interface is better on Windows clients when compared to other platforms like mobile devices.

NordVPN is among the cutting-edge VPNs for Windows 10 for a reason. Excellent privacy, fast speeds, vast server network, and clients that get the job done. If online safety is your priority, NordVPN is definitely what you need.


NordVPN Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding security-focused VPN for Windows 10
  • Vast networks of servers
  • Supports almost all major platforms
  • Allows you to connect up to 6 devices at ago
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Double encryption security
  • Confirmed no-logs policy
  • An intuitive user interface, especially for Windows client


  • Torrenting is limited to some specific servers
  • Does not work in China
  • Its interface is not easy to use
  • Slow server and app connections


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ExpressVPN is another fantastic VPN for Windows 10. It is pretty much the complete package. The software is not only easy to use and lovely to look at but also comes with fantastic configuration options as well as with some useful extra features.

ExpressVPN takes your online safety seriously. At its core is the trusted AES-256 encryption on all its servers. This encryption makes sure that your data is safe as possible. It also has many protocols to choose from so that you can route your VPN performance towards ultimate security or speed.

Housing all this is the Windows client, which neatly combines everything into a clean, crisp user interface that is super intuitive and easy to use. ExpressVPN Windows client is the basis of all other VPNs. The moment you open it, you will have the list of servers, a quick-connect option, and a history of your recently used servers. What most VPNs miss is the ability to switch between servers without disconnecting, but ExpressVPN can do that.

ExpressVPN also has a vast server list in over 94 countries, meaning you will have a chance to access content from almost all over the world. Accessing popular streaming services like Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, and others is never a problem when you have ExpressVPN, plus its good connection speeds will allow you to watch in full HD.

However, the main reason why Express is best for Windows 10 client it’s because it is packed unique extra features which are not often seen together. Among these features is split tunneling which allows you to select the apps you want masked and those you don’t want, a kill switch feature, and the foolproof bright connection button that sets you up on the best server with a click.

Combine all these useful features with a stringent privacy policy and good customer support, and you have the best VPN for Windows 10 on the market.


ExpressVPN Pros and Cons


  • Among the best all-round VPN for Windows 10 clients
  • Excellent and intuitive Windows app
  • A vast network of over 3,000+ servers in more than 94 countries
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Supported on popular platforms
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with its services
  • Pretty good connection speeds
  • Suitable for torrents and streamers


  • Its prices are slightly above average
  • OpenVPN speeds are slow
  • Fewer features when contrasted to other top-notch VPNs




Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN Review

If you are on a strict budget and looking to spend as little as possible on a VPN for your Windows 10 but still need a premium service, then Surfshark will serve you right. With less than $2.50 a month, you can enjoy premium features with Surfshark. This is a good deal when compared to other VPNs that cost twice as much.

The first thing you’ll notice is the simple, cheerful Windows client. Admittedly there isn’t quite as much configuration available here as with ExpressVPN, but Surfshark’s by no means underpowered and still boasts some excellent features.

The first good thing you will notice in this VPN is the simple, intuitive Windows client. There aren’t many superb features here as with giant VPNs like Nord and Express. However, there are still some excellent features that are useful as well.

With Surfshark, you will get a kill switch to protect yourself in case your connection fails. There are also a good number of protocols to select from, double VPN hop and a button that quickly connects you to the VPN. However, the kill switch feature is not perfect because if activated, you essentially need to have the VPN on; otherwise, the connection will be cut. This is the case when the VPN fails. If the kill switch is dormant, the app will not notify you that your connection has failed.

Similar to top-notch VPNs, Surfshark is also good for streaming, accessing almost every popular streaming service available. This, coupled with good connection speeds, makes Surfshark an ideal option for individuals looking for peace of mind that a VPN comes with.
Surfshark, like any other VPN, also has 24/7 live chat support in case something is amiss. Its slight limitations make the whole process of using this VPN on a Windows 10 client a simple task.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly Windows 10 VPN to keep your online activity safe and unblock most of the Geo-restricted content, Surfshark is the best alternative. While it may not be as powerful as ExpressVPN, it has all that an individual could want from a VPN for less than $2.50 a month. And, if you find it not working according to your expectations, you have got the one-month money-back guarantee.


Surshark Pros and Cons


  • Good value with good Windows performance
  • Has an unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • Supported on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • A vast network of over 3,200 servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Great speeds


  • A few primary experienced VPN users
  • The Kill switch feature has some issues on the Windows client


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CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost is another good VPN for a Windows user. It comes with great extra features apart from the regular VPN functionality. It can block malicious websites, ads, and trackers. Automated HTTPS rerouting makes sure that your connection to every website is secure.

CyberGhost, like ExpressVPN, takes your online safety seriously. At its core is the trusted AES-256 encryption on all its servers. This encryption makes sure that your data is safe as possible. It also has many protocols to choose from so that you can route your VPN performance towards ultimate security or speed. Alongside these are the kill switch, ad blocker, and a strict no-logs policy.

CyberGhost boasts a vast network of over 6,638 servers located in more than 110 locations in over 89 countries. This is a significant number when compared to most of its competitors. It allows torrenting on most of its servers. The connection speeds are excellent; however, the ad blocker sometimes slows down things.

CyberGhost does not offer free trials like most VPNs. However, it gives its clients a fair and generous 45-day money-back guarantee. This provides an individual with enough time to try out the service before committing to long-term plans. In case you find it working out as expected, we recommend that you for the one-year plan option because it is the cheapest.


CyberGhost Pros and Cons


  • It’s the best Windows 10 VPN for flexibility
  • It has a vast network of servers
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • A generous 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Great when it comes to accessing geo-restricted streaming services
  • Based in Romania & Germany
  • Automated server toning for geo-blocked content unblocking


  • Tons of tweak options available
  • Connection speeds are slower, especially when the adblocker feature is active
  • It doesn’t offer free trials
  • Support could have been better


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Private Internet Access VPN

Review of Private Internet Access PIA

PIA also made it to our list of the best VPNs for Windows 10. Private Internet Access offers solid security features such as DNS leak protection, an automated kill switch, and a strict no-logging policy statement. This makes it the best option for torrents.

PIA boasts of 26,000+ servers in 77 countries around the globe. This is more than enough for a VPN user looking to access geo-blocked content. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, plus it allows you to connect up to 10 devices with a single subscription.

In case you are looking for a VPN to unblock geo-restricted streaming services, try PIA; the connection speeds are good, although they might not be the best. With PIA, you can access Netflix US and UK, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Hulu, and others.

PIA has a MACE feature which successfully blocks ad, trackers and malicious websites.
Their customer support through live chat or by ticket submission through their website is supported 24/7. PIA is a risk-free Windows 10 VPN since it gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans. This allows you to test the service before you commit yourself to more extended plans.


Private Internet Access VPN Pros and Cons


  • PIA is supported on Windows 10, 7, and 8
  • A vast network of over 26,100+ servers in 77 countries
  • 10 simultaneous device connection on a single account
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if not contented with the service
  • Unblocks popular streaming services
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems


  • Variable speeds
  • Unpredictable ability to unblock popular streaming sites
  • PIA has limited streaming options


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Pure VPN

Why PureVPN is Best

PureVPN is like a household name in the VPN industry. It goes an extra mile in offering security and privacy. Its extra security features coupled with over 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries in 180+ locations and easy-to-use features make it a fantastic package for Windows 10.

When it comes to security, PureVPN features Gravity and Ozone. Ozone is a feature that protects your PC by automatically blocking any virus trying to infect it, while Gravity is an additional layer of protection that blocks ads.

Turning your Windows 10 PC into a VPN hotspot and connecting other devices anonymously to the internet is quite simple with PureVPN. You also can configure it so that only some specific apps are using the VPN while others are using the regular network.

Though it looks costly if you go for a monthly plan, it is a less expensive package if you go for a 3-month subscription plan and cheapest if you opt for a one-year plan. A single subscription allows you to install the app on as many devices as you can. However, it only allows you to connect to 5 devices at a time. Unblocking famous streaming services like Netflix is also not a big deal with PureVPN.


PureVPN Pros and Cons


  • A vast network of servers 6500+ in over 140 countries
  • $1,99 for the one year is a good deal
  • Includes all features of a premium VPN
  • Split tunneling option is available
  • Can access Netflix from any location


  • Its history on logs is not clear
  • Does not have a free trial
  • Slower speeds outside U.S and U.K
  • The Android app constantly crashes





HideMyAss (HMA) VPN Review

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a well-known Windows 10 compatible VPN service provider that brags of a vast client base. When compared to other leading VPNs, HMA is pocket-friendly. This United Kingdom-based VPN has been in the VPN business for almost a decade.

HMA has had a lousy reputation previously, especially among the privacy backers. HMA once cooperated with the FIB by willingly providing access to VPN logs of its client. However, HMA has since worked hard towards clearing its name, and it is now a100% no-logs VPN.

Hide My Ass users enjoy a vast network of 1,100+ servers located in 190 countries worldwide. This is beneficial for VPN users who want to unblock geo-blocked or censored content. Its connection speeds are good for HD streaming and enjoying content from geo-restricted sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. This has made it an alternative for an individual looking for an all-around VPN that is reasonably priced.

HMA is not the most secure, but it is a secure VPN to use. It utilizes strong AES-256 encryption and first-party servers to mask your DNS requests and IP address. It also comes with other features like OpenVPN, L2TP, and IKEv2. HMA is a dedicated no-logging VPN best for torrenting, P2P sharing, and streaming.


HMA Pros and Cons


  • Has a vast network of 1,100+ servers in more than 190 countries worldwide
  • Secure browsing when using public Wi-Fi
  • Allows access to geo-restricted content without much hassle
  • An extensive network of servers
  • Good security options
  • Their customer service is great


  • Sometimes speeds are slow
  • Limited user privacy because it is owned by avast
  • App design is not the best


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If you have a Windows 10 PC or a laptop, there are many VPNs to try; however, some are not the best for a Windows 10 user. A good VPN should offer its Windows 10 users fast connection speeds, solid privacy and security features, a user-friendly interface, access to geo-blocked sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. Try the above VPNs that meet all these, and you should try them on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

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