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PureVPN is among the top-rated VPNs in the market, and it’s easy to notice why. With this VPN, you can connect other devices and turn your desktop into a VPN hotspot. It’s also possible to dive into a granular degree of insight concerning the applications that will utilize PureVPN and those you need to experience your customary VPN.

When it comes to your security, it has Gravity and Ozone features. Ozone is an antivirus feature that automatically blocks any virus from infecting your PC. Gravity is an additional layer of protection that has an adblocker. Gravity works flawlessly in the background as you carry on your internet activities.


PureVPN Review Summary –PureVPN is Excellent

In the VPN business, PureVPN is like a household name. More than that, some people think of it as the best VPN for desktops. It goes the extra mile in providing privacy and security. Its added security features beefed up with Gravity and Ozone make it a sure deal. Plus, it has easy to use features that make it an excellent complete package than its competitors.

Though it is an expensive package, if you go for a monthly subscription, it is a cheaper package if you opt for a three-month subscription and cheapest if you go for a one-year plan. A single PureVPN account sign-up allows you to install clients or applications on as many operating systems as you wish, but it only allows five devices to be connected at a time. Oh yes, unblocking Netflix is not a big deal with some caveats, which we will get deeper into later.

PureVPN is so amazing, according to customer feedback and testing. It’s among the leading three most elevated evaluated VPNs. It sits behind opponent NordVPN in test outcomes, yet we’d suggest PureVPN above a lot of contenders.




PureVPN Features and Security

Generous Features

With PureVPN, turning your desktop into a VPN hotspot and connecting other devices privately to the internet is simple and quick. You can also set it in a manner that only specific applications are connected, while others are connected to the regular network connection.

Most of PureVPN’s features focus on blocking annoying or malicious internet elements from accessing your device. It has web-filtering features which automatically blocks suspicious URLs from even loading. On the other hand, the app-filtering feature does the same job for apps.

PureVPN’s Gravity and Ozone features are to protect your online activity. The Ozone feature blocks any antivirus with a content-filtering tool that blocks unwanted websites or material, plus interruption identification that cautions you when someone is attempting to hack your device.

On the other hand, the Gravity feature has an adblocker that blocks ads and any malware that may appear when you are browsing. It additionally has a safe search feature that blocks particular search results. All these features work perfectly and effectively according to the tests that have been done.

PureVPN also pops up a notification to let you know when you are securely in or when you are disconnected. Apart from all that, this VPN provides unrestricted data transfer as well.


Security and Privacy

With PureVPN, you need not worry about security. All its servers are kept secure by the AES 256-bit encryption symmetric key. This key makes sure that all brute force attacks fail. It additionally incorporates IPv6 leak protection, which wards off hackers or spires.

Its kill switch feature makes sure all internet activity comes to a standstill in case the VPN connection is lost or fails. This makes sure that your location and identity are not leaked.

PureVPN also has a tunneling feature that gives you excellent control over how your VPN is being utilized. This feature splits internet traffic between an unprotected channel and a VPN-protected one to allow you to access your local network faster.



Why PureVPN is Best

Does PureVPN Share your Data?

One of the primary worries from VPN clients is whether their information and internet activities are truly sheltered. After all, in case you’re utilizing a VPN, you could be getting to content that is not accessible in your locale or bypassing a work firewall. Regardless of whether you’re not up to anything unlawful, there aren’t a significant number of us who might need their internet history to be accessible to all.

The view on PureVPN is marginally not clear here, and it takes us back to one case. In 2017, PureVPN supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation in finding a cyberstalker who had been perpetrating harassment campaign on a lady from Massachusetts who was 24 years by then, just as her companions, family, and associates. The violations included hacking into online accounts, sending obscene pictures of youngsters, and making more than 120 fabrication bomb dangers. The culprit was condemned to 17 years in jail.

PureVPN got a lot of condemnation for giving client information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Online reporters grumbling that the VPN states it doesn’t gather logs of web action. The facts confirm that PureVPN doesn’t do this, yet its information on the culprit was network logs, chiefly utilized for maintenance and troubleshooting. Even though network logs do not identify the network’s activities, the FBI could check this with their data to pinpoint the cyberstalker’s exercises.

In case you’re utilizing a VPN to get to Netflix in another nation, you don’t have to stress over the Feds kicking down your entryway. You’re just at serious risk if you’re occupied with some obscure, top of the line criminal operations, in which case, we’re not here to support you.

To respond to the inquiry about PureVPN sharing your information, indeed, just a single time, and that was for a criminal who was condemned to 17 years in jail.


Zero Log Policy

Frankly, the company insists that it has a zero-logs policy. This implies that PureVPN will not, at any point, record your online activity once it is connected. It will not keep the history of your network connections, activity, time of connection, websites visited, DNS queries generated, original IP address, and any IP assigned to your account.




Compatibility: Apps And Supported Platforms

PureVPN supports many applications and devices, though few may not be compatible with it. Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux are all supported.

PureVPN is also available in a number of gaming and video streaming devices and operating systems. For easy perusing and peace of mind, below is a rundown of the devices and platforms that this VPN will mask your web activity on:

  • Routers
  • iOS application
  • Android TV
  • PlayStation
  • Amazon Fire Stick- (Not the best cheap VPN for firestick)
  • Kodi
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Now TV Box
  • Boxee box
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Surface

In a few instances, a couple of additional procedures are needed: for instance, PureVPN provides a completely advanced independent application for Fire TV and Fire Stick, which can be effectively downloaded independently.


VPN Protocols

This VPN supports the most well-known VPN conventions. Some of the protocols it supports include; SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.

Each protocol provides a different combination of stability, encryption level, and speed. This makes some more ideal for particular activities like P2P file sharing and video streaming. Apart from PPTP, which provides 128-bit encryption, which is weaker, all other protocols offer 256-bit encryption.

The easygoing client will probably settle for OpenVPN more often because it provides stable, leak-proof encryption without compromising much on the network’s speed.


Servers and Server Locations

At the moment, PureVPN provides its clients with 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries in 180+ different locations. The 2,000 servers include servers in South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, Central America, and North America.

The list of PureVPN exact server locations can be found online, or once you sign up, you can get the list in your PureVPN account. Right now, for instance, the software has 12 servers in China, 6 in Beijing, and another 6 in Shanghai.




Best Monthly VPN

Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

Nowadays, the question- “what is the best VPN for streaming Netflix?” rounds around the mind of everybody. In case you need to interface with a regional adaptation of Netflix over a VPN, at that point, PureVPN seems all set. The VPN, more so, has a Netflix alternative in the Stream mode. In any case, when we tried this, we found that it was unable to move beyond Netflix’s (inexorably canny) VPN-detection. However, when you use a browser extension unblocking Netflix is simple and faster. The company itself recommends the use of browser extensions rather than the app when streaming Netflix.

The PureVPN’s answer probably won’t be the most helpful, and it implies you’ll have to start up a program each time you need to stay long on TV or movies, but it is not that demanding. The tests that have been carried out found that not many VPNs could break through Netflix’s Fort Knox regional protection, despite them claiming they did. PureVPN probably won’t have the most straightforward unblock answer, but it at least has one.

The big fight here is between the VPN providers and Netflix’s stringent measures, but we hope to see more upgrades from VPN providers to counter Netflix’s super VPN detection measures.




Is PureVPN good for Torrenting?

Torrenting is never a headache if you have PureVPN. The VPN is torrenting friendly, and it provides its customers a mode for sharing files that enables them to access servers devoted solely to and optimized for P2P file-sharing that most torrents depend on.

However, these torrenting servers are available in specific locations and countries. Unfortunately, Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada are not among them. Therefore, some clients from these locations have experienced slower speeds from file-sharing-dedicated servers.

PureVPN has many benefits, and when it comes to those VPNs that support torrenting, PureVPN is among the best. If you are a regular torrent, you will like it though you might want a speedier service. We will come to this later on.




Performance: How Fast is PureVPN?

For every one of its cases about speed, PureVPN is not generally that quick. It will take a couple of seconds to connect, probably while keying in your account name and password.

According to tests and customer reviews, PureVPN connections are fast within the same region, but the speeds are worse than average when it comes to transatlantic connection speeds. PureVPN is best when you use servers that are within your locality. For better transatlantic connection speeds, NordVPN can be a safer pair of hands.

To be genuine, what amount of an issue is this? All things considered, the normal client will coexist fine with PureVPN, and he will not see any problem concerning web browsing for regular web actions. It possibly turns into an issue if you need to stream in 4K or need excellent download speeds, which will necessitate a faster connection. Still, NordVPN is the best companion in case you a data-hungry user.

If to a greater extent, you are a sharer rather than a downloader, in that case, you need to be aware of upload speeds. Pure does truly good here, and your standard upload speed will not too long. Actually, in this category, PureVPN is at par with NordVPN and pretty much faster than its competitors like CyberGhost VPN and ExpressVPN.

PureVPN Review - Best for Netflix

Customer Service and Support: PureVPN Review

PureVPN’s client support and service are accessible all day, every day through live chat and email. A client who signs into PureVPN’s Member site can likewise present a help ticket. Likewise, PureVPN provides a Support Center that can help clients who wish to investigate and troubleshoot their issues.

Their online platform is divided into various categories that include; VPN Use Cases, Setup Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and Account & Billing. Each of them has step-by-step guide articles that help the client know how they work.

If you want to be trained, training is available over various platforms such as in-person, online webinars, through a downloadable file, and live online.


PureVPN Pricing: Cost, Plans, and Payment Options

PureVPN has three main subscription plans, and each is available 24/7 and offers the same features. The plans only differ in how long the contract will last; monthly, three months, or yearly.

PureVPN is not the cheapest VPN. If, for instance, you opt for monthly billing, you will pay $10.95. However, if you want to make some significant savings, you should commit yourself to longer plans. For instance, a three-month subscription will cost you $8.00 per month, and a one-year plan will take $3.33 per month out of your pocket. This means you will save 27% if you opt for a 3-month plan and over 70% if you subscribe annually.

PureVPN does not offer free trials or free versions. However, its free trial is available for as low as $0.99 for seven days, and it is automatically added at the front of any subscription you choose. The seven days will give you time to scrutinize the service before you commit to it. A 31-day refund policy is also available. This is in case things don’t go as you expected.

PureVPN acknowledges installments through PayPal, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and other payment platforms like cryptocurrencies and various CoinPayments as well. It additionally supports assorted gift cards, AliPay, and over 150 payment methods through a platform called Paymentwall.

Don’t be enticed by free VPNs in the market; most of them don’t work and can put you at risk of data leakage and many other risks related to online activity.




PureVPN vs. Competitors

PureVPN is not the only VPN service provider in the market so far. Other VPN providers are also competing favorably with cheaper and other expensive plans. PureVPN is one of the big names, but there are other big names also like- NordVPN, TorGuard, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN.

Anyway, what is this that gives PureVPN an upper hand in such a jam-packed market? One of the champions of the administration is that it is so easy to utilize. Five minutes with the application, and you’ll be exchanging locales like an ace. There’s still a great deal of profundity to the highlights for the individuals who need it, yet it’s amateur well-programmed, beating TorGuard for this score.

Before this survey, we noticed that PureVPN isn’t the quickest VPN in the market; however, it is faster than ExpressVPN, which sometimes gets sluggish.


Does PureVPN work in China?

We all know very well that not all VPNs function in China, but with PureVPN, ‘The Great Firewall’ can be bypassed. This VPN will help users mask their IP addresses and unblock China’s endless list of banned sites such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

That is an amazing accomplishment: By our web restriction rankings, China is the third most noticeably terrible nation in the world; however, North Korea and Turkmenistan top on the list.




purevpn best for speed

“Modes” for Using PureVPN

People seek the help of a VPN because of various reasons, which is why PureVPN functions via different modes, each meant for a particular task. The modes through which PureVPN works include:


“Internet Freedom mode”

This mode is meant to work in countries or locations where services and particular websites are censored. With this mode, you can link to a country beyond the country’s firewall and enjoy the censored sites and services as usual.


“Security/Privacy mode”

This mode is for giving you a balance of speed, anonymity, privacy, and security.


“File Sharing mode”

This is for clients who share files across the P2P network. I think now you know why some clients want to mask their identities while sharing things like current episodes of trending TV shows.


“Stream Mode”

This mode is for unblocking streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix that are locked in certain regions. When you have this mode engaged, you can access them even if you are not there physically. However, for Netflix, you have to use browser extensions to access it. It has a powerful ant-VPN detector.


“Dedicated IP Mode”

Finally, this mode is for assigns your VPN its dedicated IP, which you may need for applications such as online gaming. However, it will cost you some extra bucks.

While you’re approached to choose a mode when you first dispatch the application, you don’t have to worry because switching modes later is easy. This methodology’s benefit is that PureVPN asks you what you wish to perform and then direct you to the ideal server to do it. The pure VPN site has some magnificent walkthroughs and aides in case you want to get more in-depth.




PureVPN - best vpn software

PureVPN Pros and Cons


What is this that makes PureVPN be among the top VPNs in the market? Below is how the advantages outnumbered the disadvantages.

To start with, the aces, which cover all the center components of what makes a VPN helpful, from its convenience to its encryption:

  • Anti-leak industry-standard 256-bit Encryption.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • The Zero-logs policy is amazing.
  • PureVPN functions on almost all operating systems and devices.
  • Unobstructed Torrenting
  • Bundle of security features
  • PureVPN supports the central protocols, IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, the list is endless.



  • The speed of downloading is relatively slow.
  • The pricing is a bit high.


The only mark against PureVPN is undoubtedly the slow and inconsistent speeds. However, the overall benefits are too many to ignore. Even the pricing is not badly off if, for instance, you commit to a more extended plan like the one-year plan.





Final Say

PureVPN is still a fantastic choice, even though it may not live to its speed boasts. It is user-friendly, and the full package has a bundle of an amazing set of features. There are other VPN providers in the market that PureVPN may not beat, but it is worth your money.

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